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July 2021

July 3rd – Dierenpark Amersfoort (NL) Last week the new additions Teju and Ariba arrived from Zoo Duisburg. The spectacled bear twins have been allowed to explore their new outdoor enclosure for a few days now. And it looks they are feeling familiar already and enjoying their new home. Great […]

June 2021

Normally the last few years June was the month to go abroad. This time it is not really an option. Too much hassle, rules and limitations. So this year since I have a lot of days off work this month let’s do a Dutch tour…. June 2nd – Safaripark Beekse […]

May 2021

The lockdown is finally being adjusted. The zoos are allowed to open again, but under a number of conditions. The indoor areas must remain closed for the time being. After five months it is finally a good opportunity to start shooting again. Going abroad is not an option for the […]

January – April 2021

Not much will happen for a long period of time. The Covid-19 lockdown that started on December 15, 2020 and which required all zoos in the Netherlands to be closed is taking a long time. Longer than an average hibernation. On May 18, the zoos can finally open again under […]

December 2020

We have arrived at the last month of the year. The rumors of a new lock down are getting stronger. How much longer will we be able to go to the zoos? December 2nd – Dierenpark Amersfoort (NL) In DPA Ramzes showed his teeth today. His cubs that were born […]

November 2020

What surprises will November hold? Unconfirmed news of an imminent new lockdown are getting stronger and stronger. So let’s make the best of it as long as it is possible…. November 2nd – Safaripark Beekse Bergen (NL) On a sunny winterday the animals in SBB were very coorporative. Lions, cheetahs, […]

October 2020

This months the lion cubs in Burgers Zoo were finally to be seen. So that made me travel to Arnhem four times. They were really cute so I took the opportunity to go multiple times to shoot as many good pics as possible. October 3rd – Burgers Zoo, Arnhem (NL) […]

September 2020

After two months with relatively few visits to zoos, this month is going to be different again. The heat of recent times has largely passed and the third and probably last trip this year to Berlin is planned. With an annual pass there and the festival of lights taking place […]

August 2020

Another very hot month. Did not go to often photographing in the zoos. Just too hot now! August 1st – Safaripark Beekse Bergen (NL) The yaks were standing in the river. Young hyena’s, still with black fur and covered in sand. Lions and tigers looking bored or overheated. All signs […]

July 2020

In July I visited only some Dutch zoos this year. Busy times, hot weather. Only eight visit including four times Dierenpark Amersfoort, especially to see the little wolves grow up and to see the new barbary lion named Ramzes. July 5th – Dierenpark Amersfoort (NL) Always great to spot the […]

June 2020

The negative travel advice because of covid got cancelled mid June, so after some more visits to Ouwehands and Dierenpark Amersfoort it’s off to Germany. In Ouwehands the polar bear twins kept being very interesting to shoot more pics before they grown in big adults. In DPA wolves were born […]

May 2020

After 8 weeks the zoos are allowed to open again on May 18th, so finally a chance to see the polar bear twins in Ouwehands. May 20th – Ouwehands Dierenpark, Rhenen (NL) On November 27th two polar bear were born in Ouwehands. Mother Freedom and the two little fluffy ones […]

April 2020

In the Netherlands on March 15, 2020 started a Covid-19 lockdown which required all zoos in the Netherlands to be closed. So photographing animals in all zoos won’t be possible for a while…. From May 18th, 2020 zoos were allowed to re-open. Some needed a few days extra to be […]

March 2020

After the superb February this month was going to be much different. Covid 19 has struck hard and the consequences would be drastic and for a very long period of time to come…. March 7th – Gaia Zoo, Kerkrade (NL) Mid October last year two lion cubs were born in […]

February 2020

After three months it’s about time to visit again some zoos. Just if I was in hibernation. Truth is a hand injury kept me away from my cameras for a while. Since I plan to go to Germany at the end of the month it’s time to practise a bit. […]

November 2019 – January 2020

Hibernation time. I did not visit any zoos during November, December and January. Just like it was time for hibernation. In reality a hand injury kept me away from my cameras for a while. Anyway these quiet times were to end early February after a steroids injection did the trick […]

October 2019

October 2nd – Ouwehands Dierenpark, Rhenen (NL) The young clouded leopards grow quickly. They compete for the best place in the outdoor enclosure. The giant pandas just keep eating bamboo or they sleep. Credo, the African lion man, was again beautiful posing. Just like Valentino, the male mandrill. October 5th […]

September 2019

No Dutch zoos this month for a change. Instead visits to Belgium and Germany and returning to some favorite zoos overthere. September 7th – Zoo Antwerpen (B) On the way to the south of Belgium for a couple of days in Pairi Daiza the choice was Zoo Antwerpen or Zoo […]

August 2019

After a very hot July also August was like that, especially the second half of the month. That was one of the main reasons for only two zoo visits this month. August 3rd – Safaripark Beekse Bergen (NL) Another visit to SBB where amur tiger cubs Aida, Radames and Amneris […]

July 2019

July included another visit to Germany, four days apart from Hannover, Hamburg and Osnabrück also Allwetter Zoo. A new one for me were I had not been before. July 6th – Ouwehands Dierenpark, Rhenen (NL) Back to Ouwehands where reports came from that the young clouded leopards are allowed to […]

June 2019

June would be an interesting month again this year. I was going to Munich for a concert, so this was a great opportunity to visit some of the zoos in that region as well. It became five new zoos for me where I haven’t been before. June 1st – Artis, […]

May 2019

This month a new trip to Pairi Daiza was planned. Also multiple visits to Ouwehands since some clouded leopards were born there and one to Zie Zoo were they had a litter of American black bears. May 1st – Ouwehands Dierenpark, Rhenen (NL) Recently it was revealed that two litters […]

April 2019

April continued still in Germany for another two days before only a few more zoos in the Netherlands this month. April 1st – Zoo Berlin (D) The choice for Zoo Berlin was easy to make today. Because of a public transport strike the only choice was the Zoo as this […]

March 2019

March was a quiet month. Only at the end two visits to a zoo with the spotlight on young fluffy polar bears and tiger cubs. March 27th – Dierenrijk, Nuenen (NL) In Dierenrijk polar bear Frimas got twins last November. A few weeks ago they were allowed to go to […]